How to place electrodes by yourself

Video tells how to place electrodes for ECG registration by yourself

Published 11 May 2014

Language: Russian

Experience of using «Cardiometer-MT» in ambulances in Veliky Novgorod.

Novgorod doctors keep up with progress: ECG data are transferred from the device to your smartphone. The used scheme allows free admission to diagnose a patient.

Report by TV-channel «L!feNews».

Published 13 January 2016

Language: Russian

Military technology is used in health systems (21 December 2015, STRC «St. Petersburg News»)

Military technology in everyday life. New electrocardiographs, developed in one of the secret design bureau, are used in Leningrad region. Devices use the so-called "cloud" technology to identify the most serious heart disease remotely.

Published 12 January 2016

Language: Russian

The presentation of «Cardiometer-MT» complex in Macedonia

The presentation of complex «Cardiometer-MT» (manufactured by «Cardiometer-MT» Russia, St. Petersburg) in Macedonia (in Macedonian).

Published 10 December 2015

Language: Macedonian

«Cardiometer-MT» takes part in action «Healthy heart of Yakutia»

On July 17, mobile health center of the Republic Centre of Medical Prevention conducted a campaign «Healthy heart of Yakutia» in the village Namtsy. The Minister of Health of Yakutia A. Gorokhov commented on the equipment.

Published 10 December 2015

Language: Russian

Ambulances in Pavlodar are equipped with «Cardiometer-MT»

TV channel reports on the implementation of innovative telemetric electrocardiographs «Cardiometer-MT».

Published 24 July 2015

Language: Russian

«Cardiometer-MT» at Russian scientific and practical conference "Ambulance - 2015"

MICARD-LANA CJSC has presented at the National Scientific and Practical Conference «Ambulance-2015» innovative ectrocardiograph "Cardiometer-MT" with telemetric functions created specially to equip ambulances as well as hospitals and health care facilities.

«Cardiometer-MT» in Baltic Fleet.

Educational film about usage of «Cardiometer-MT».

Published 20 October 2016

Language: Russian

«Cardiometer-MT» at Forum of social innovations.

Electrocardiographic complex "Cardiometer-MT" created by "MICARD-LANA" JSC was presented at Forum with a support of Shvabe Company.

Published 20 June 2017

Language: Russian