Cardiometer-MT. ECG self-check

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ECG acquisition anywhere, any time

Instant summary reports

Personal ECG archives with detailed explanations

Remote access for medical specialists and distance consultations

ECG self-check. How does it work.


"Self-check of ECG" technology has been made possible by a collaboration of "MICARD-LANA" specialists with Almazov Federal Heart, Blood and Endocrinology Center physicians. The technology provides: ECG self-acquisition for the user and their family, automatic electrocardiogram upload to a remote server, preliminary automated report of cardiovascular status based on ECG and, if necessary, ability to obtain medical opinion of any medical specialist registered on our server. The technical means for using this technology include "Cardiometer-MT" device, mobile phone and access to internet server.

"Cardiometer-MT" technology kit


Cardioserver – our internet-based platform that provides storage for all ECG reports and acquisions.

Cardioserver receives, saves and automatically interprets all ECG acquired by “Cardiometer-MT”. Cardioserver can be accessed from any PC with internet connection.

Personal ECG archives of the patients are protected with login and password.

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ERD – ECG registration device.

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Cardioserver connection device.


  • Personal computer or laptop
  • smartphone or tablet running on “Android”
elektrods Cardiometer electrode kit. Alternative electrode kits might also be compatible.

ECG acquisition anywhere, any time

Easy to use

"Cardiometer-MT" provides easy to use self-acquisition and monitoring system for you and your family. The whole procedure takes less than 5 minutes.

Highly Portable

The device is small and weighs only about 100g, which makes it easy to take outdoors, on a business trip or on vacation.

Instant automated summary reports

Instant ECG summary

Automated summary is instantly generated with each ECG acquisition and uploaded under personal user account on micard.ru. Instant summaries can also be displayed on device-associated mobile phone showing as “green” for normal, “yellow” as deviation from the norm, and "red" for pathology.

Automated reports reliability

High diagnostic efficiency of electrocardiogram is achieved by simultaneous 12-channel signal acquisition, fast data transfer via Bluetooth and Internet as well as high-quality ECG interpretation algorithm, all developed as a result of 40-year collaboration of "Micard-LANA" with cardiology specialists.

Personal archive ECG with interpretations

Personal user profile

All acquired electrocardiograms, automated summaries and medical specialist conclusions can be stored on Cardioserver (www.micard.ru) in the personal user account.
Click to "demo mode" in right upper corner to see personal user profile (only in Russian yet).

ECG printing.

All acquired electrocardiograms can be printed for visit to a doctor’s office. You can also create separate user profiles for ECG archives of your family members who will be using the device.

Physician access. Remote consultations

Physician consultations

By using our services, you will be able to get cardiologists opinion from your home. In order to do this, you will need to give permission to your doctor to access to your personal files on Cardioserver at (www.micard.ru). Provided there is internet access, your physician will be able to access your ECG and form conclusions from any location. This way, you will have an opportunity to consult a doctor anywhere in the world.

Distance consultation centers

If you do not have a personal physician working with you, you can find a medical center on our website www.micard.ru that will assist you with remote consultations after signing the medical services agreement.