Cardioserver service rates

The price of the Complex «Cardiometer-MT» includes the Cardioserver subscription and unlimited amount number of acquired and transferred to Cardioserver electrocardiograms for as many persons as you wish to include.

Cardioserver services:

  1. Cardiometer-MT ECG data transfer and storage in Cardioserver database.
  2. Automated preliminary reports about your cardiovascular system issued in the form of color-coded (“traffic light”) display with "green" for normal, "yellow" as deviation from the norm, and “red” for pathology.
  3. The "traffic light" automated report will not be displayed if the user selected ECG registration without automated report or if electrodes were improperly placed.
  4. Secure, password-protected user access to data stored on Cardioserver to browse recorded ECG, results of preliminary automated reports and print them out at home.
  5. Enabling users to grant access to their data on Cardioserver to authorized physicians at any medical facility in order to receive medical advice and/or remote consultation (requires Windows XP/Vista/7 personal computer and access to Internet). Patient-authorized physician will have the ability to access ECG history, analyze patient dynamics across several ECG, as well as create and store medical conclusions on Cardioserver.
  6. The results of automatic measurements of cardiocycles, automatic interpretation of the recorded ECG - syndromic conclusion, the typical cardiocycles graphics, graphics ECG in 12 leads are available for each qualitative taken ECG for viewing and printing on the printer.
  7. Telephone consultations about using the equipment (we do not provide any medical consultations regarding your condition as those can only be discussed with your personal physician). "MICARD-LANA" CJSC will continue providing services listed in paragraphs 3 - 5 for up to three years from the end of the last billing cycle.