Portable electrocardiograph «Cardiometer-MT» Professional

12-channel wireless electrocardiograph with automatic interpretation and internet telemetry. It works in conjunction with an Internet server (Cardioserver) which software is provided as part of the Kit.

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Purpose and application of electrocardiograph

12-channel wireless electrocardiograph KFS-01.001 «Cardiometer-MT» is intended for simultaneous recording of ECG in 12 standard leadsand and itsd auto-diagnostics.

Complex «Cardiometer-MT» can be used in different medical facilities, including clinics, hospitals or Ambulances.

Complex KFS-01.001 «Cardiometer-MT» Professional is certified in Russia and Kazakhstan.

«Cardiometer-MT» Professional provides:

  • ECG recording in the functional diagnostics study, in wards at the bedside or during visits outside a medical facility;
  • automatic interpretation of recorded ECGs;
  • ability to create a unified ECG archive oа all patients of a medical facility and its branches;
  • authorized doctors' access to ECG archive from their desktops at medical facility or any other place;
  • ability to get or provide distant consultations (telemedicine);
  • ability to issue the Complex to patients for independent use at home;
  • ability to consult patients remotely.

«Cardiometer-MT» Professional Kit for Ambulance is created specially for emergency stations.

You can find more info about KFS-01.001 «Cardiometer-MT» Professional here (in Russian).