«Cardiometer-MT» Professional for Ambulance

12-channel wireless electrocardiograph with automatic interpretation and internet telemetry. It works in conjunction with an Internet server (Cardioserver) which software is provided as part of the Kit.

The complex does not require additional equipment.

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Purpose and application of electrocardiograph

12-channel wireless electrocardiograph KFS-01.001 «Cardiometer-MT» is intended for simultaneous recording of ECG in 12 standard leadsand and itsd auto-diagnostics. The complex can be used in ambulances or by doctors visiting patients at home.

The Complex comes in convenient shockproof cases for storage and transportation. The case is equipped with centralized charging system that allows to charge equipment both from 220V or in the car.

Complex KFS-01.001 «Cardiometer-MT» for Ambulance is certified in Russia and Kazakhstan.

Complex may be used in avia Ambulance.

«Cardiometer-MT» Professional Kit for Ambulances includes:

  • ERD - ECG registration device;
  • a set of reusable electrodes (6 pads and 4 pegs);
  • smartphone running on Android with pre-installed "Physician’s desktop" software - for visualisation of ECG;
  • mobile thermal printer (printing width 58/110mm);
  • charging system, that allows to charge equipment without removing it from the case;
  • unlimited access to Cardioserver providing automatic diagnostics.

You can find more info about KFS-01.001 «Cardiometer-MT» for Ambulances here (in Russian).