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Company history

1968 – establishment of the Department of Medical Technology in CSRI “Granit” (Leningrad) and beginning the work on the creation of computer analyzers for ECG.

1972 – serial production of “DIAGNOSIS-MT” complex – first in the USSR computer analyzer of ECG. The device was a specialized computer used for the detection of myocardial infarction, its localization and stage. Diagnostic algorithm used in the device combined methods of pattern recognition and formal medical logic. The accuracy of the diagnosis reached 95%. The device was awarded Gold diploma at the international exhibition “Health Care-70”.

1980 – introduction into serial manufacture of the first and only in USSR automated syndrome-based diagnostic electrocardiograph “ANAMNESIS-MT” that was running on historical mini-computer platform (SM-3(4)) and was used to identify major electrocardiographic syndromes. The ECGs taken in different places were recorded synchronously in 3 leads on a cassette for recording and then batch analyzed in the processing center. The algorithms used in the device were modeled after decision-making process used in physician’s interpretation of ECG. The diagnostic performance of this device was matching the best domestic and foreign devices of this class and was awarded Gold medal of VDNKh (currently All-Russia Exhibition Center).

1986 – mastering of serial production of “RHYTHM-MT” devices for automatic comprehensive analysis of ECG and complex rhythm disorders. In addition to recording on magnetic tape, in emergency situations, ECGs were transmitted to the processing center via dial-up telephone lines. “RHYTHM-MT” software developed on “ANAMNESIS-MT” platform, implemented new algorithms for the analysis of complex arrhythmias and introduced generation of automated diagnostic conclusions based on Minnesota and Washington codes.

1980 – 1989 – collaboration with S.M. Kirov Military Medical Academy Department of Hospital Surgery to work on the creation of Information System for Operative Medical Control (ISOMC) of postoperative patients to be used in resuscitation and intensive care therapy.

1989 – serial production of automated ECG screening device for the general public “CRATER-MT”. This personal computer-based device implemented all algorithms for the analysis of ECG from 12 standard leads that were used in “RHYTHM-MT” complex.

1992 – incorporation of Medical Device division of CSRI “Granit” and establishment of LLP “MICARD”.

1995 – beginning of serial production of “Cardiometer-MT” complex for complete automated evaluation of cardiovascular system condition. Newly-updated algorithms implemented in the complex increased recognition reliability of ECG elements and measurement accuracy of their amplitude and time parameters, in particular, P-wave. This new form of medical knowledge presentation simplified generation of new diagnostic algorithms and ability to correct the old ones. As a result, the accuracy of identification for major ECG syndromes including complex rhythm disorders has greatly improved. According to a large number of end-user reviews, the need for adjustment of automated preliminary ECG conclusions occurs in less than 15% of all conducted surveys. Using high technology development and manufacture provided generation of reliable portable ECG recording device compatible with any desktop computer or laptop .

1998 – installation of “Cardiometer-MT” complexes in pediatric medical organizations of Nizhnevartovsk, Russia. “Cardiometer-MT” sets were implemented in Children’s hospital, all outpatient pediatric clinics of the city, prenatal and neonatal clinics and maternity hospital.

1999 – transformation of “MICARD” LLP into “MICARD-LANA” CJSC.

2000 – installation of “Cardiometer-MT” devices in health facilities for adults in Nizhnevartovsk. “Cardiometer-MT” complexes were implemented in hospitals and outpatient clinics as well as major municipal medical centers of the city.

2002 – Delivered complexes KFS-01.002 “Cardiometer-MT” to 19 Central district hospitals (CRH) of the region according to the regional target program “re-Equipment of the Central district hospitals”. Computers of all complexes were fitted with the program of studies of resting ECG that provides automatic syndromal diagnosis, and program teleconsultation terminal, which through a standard modem a standard telephone line connection transfer 12 leads ECG and the results of its analysis in the Leningrad regional cardiologic dispensary for advice and adjusted the conclusion with the recommendations of the treatment of the patient back in the hospital.

2003 – modernization of the diagnostic network for the Leningrad region. Nineteen of regional hospitals and Leningrad region Cardiological center were equipped with “Cardiometer-MT” complexes.

2004 – first results of remote consulting network in Leningrad region working on “Cardiometer-MT” devices show significant socioeconomic effect.

2004 – completed integration of DELTA Plus electrocardiographs (Remco Italia) into distance diagnostics network of “Cardiometer-MT”. Software package developed for this purpose provided transfer of acquired ECGs over the phone to a diagnostic center, automated ECG interpretation by “Cardiometer-MT”, distance consultations and archiving of survey results in the database of the Center.

2004 – completed development of intelligent electrocardiograph EC3T-04 “Axion” with automated ECG interpretation and HRV analysis in collaboration with OJSC “Zavod Medicinskoi Tekhniki”, Izhevsk. The device passed national certification tests and was granted permission for serial production of electrocardiographs by Russian Ministry of Health.

2005 – won the tender to install 78 “Cardiometer-MT” complexes to adult and pediatric outpatient clinics of Saint-Petersburg. The contest was organized by Saint-Petersburg Healthcare committee as a part of municipal program “Prophylaxis of arterial hypertension”. The complexes were installed in specialized centers for prevention of arterial hypertension (CPAH) that were organized as a part of the program. Most of the delivered complexes are still used in medical practice of polyclinics.

2006 – acquired first results of Cardiometer-MT working in CPAH. Cardiometer-MT complexes installed in CPAH were supplemented with the software that allowed automated determination of risk group for cardiovascular disease based on the answers to a questionnaire, results of express-test for blood cholesterol and sugar, and patient’s ECG records.

2009 – created prototypes for operating room hemodynamics monitor MGO-01. Serial production of the devices started in 2011.

2011 – CJSC “MICARD-LANA” in collaboration with Almazov Federal Heart, Blood and Endorinology center developed a new medical technology for ECG telemetry and ECG self-check.

2012 – start of sales of KFS-01.001 “Cardiometer-MT” complex with telemetry function for home use.

2013 – successful testing of telemetry devices in medical facilities of Russia. In parallel, “MIKARD-LANA” CJSC began preparation to enter the European market. For these purposes, all the software of “Cardiometer-MT” complex has been translated into English.

2015 – “MIKARD-LANA” CJSC has been renamed to “MIKARD-LANA” JSC.

Our medical collaborators (in chronological order):

  • D.M.S., Prof. M.B.Tartakovsky – founding director of Medical Devices division at CRI “Granit”;
  • D.M.S., Prof. E.V.Zemtsovsky – collaborator since 1968;
  • S.M. Kirov Military Medical Academy team including: D.M.S., Prof. M.I. Lytkin (Head of the Hospital Surgery division), D.M.S., Prof. A.L. Kostuchenko, D.M.S., M.I. Tischenko (author of integral rheography method), D.M.S., Y.N. Volkov;
  • Saint-Petersburg Pediatric Medical academy Propedeutics division team directed by D.M.S.., Prof. V.V.Yuriev – our collaborators since 1995 working on development and improvement of algorithms of functional diagnostics of the heart in children;
  • V.A.Almazov Federal Heart, Blood and Endocrinology Center team from the Division of Clinical Physiology of Circulation: A.V.Kozlenok, MD-PhD, T.V. Treshkur, MD-PhD, E.A. Tsyrinova , MD-PhD, S.V. Popov , MD-PhD.

All our developments are carried out at the highest level of scientific and technological literacy. Research conducted in our laboratories resulted in over 50 authorship certificates and patents as well as nearly 200 scientific publications and 10 defended dissertations for Ph.D. candidates in technical or medical sciences. In addition, 9 Ph.D. dissertations in medical sciences and 2 dissertations for Doctor of Medical sciences were defended in Saint-Petersburg alone in the recent years based on the results acquired with devices developed in our company.