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Configuration options

At our company we use an individual approach to every client. Configuration options are offered taking into customer requirements and preferences.

Basic equipment of «Cardiometer-Mt» includes:

  • ERD – ECG registration device.
  • A set of disposable electrodes (50pcs) and/or set of reusable electrodes (6 pads and 4 pegs).
  • 2 AA batteries.
  • Service of Cloud-Cardioserver and Cloud-service of automatic interpretation – according to operating manual.
  • Operating manual.

Extras (in agreement with the customer):

  • Smartphone or tablet running on Android with pre-installed «Physician’s workspace» software.
  • Laptop with pre-installed «Physician’s workspace» software.
  • Mobile thermoprinter MTP-II or MP-4.
  • Portable case with a charger for centralized charging of all included devices.

Contact us for more advice using the contact details on the Contacts page.