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“Physician’s workspace” software

MICARD-LANA JSC provides a line of software products for recording and analyzing ECG. All proposed software and manuals are available for download on the Software page.

“Physician’s workspace” software for PC

“Physician’s workspace” software for PC is used ECG registration, electronic archiving of ECGs and distance consultations.

The software allows browsing:

  • ECG recordings from 12 channels in 24 seconds
  • Measured changes in amplitude and time parameters of an ECG
  • Typical cardiocomplexes from all 12 leads with separate diagnostically relevant intervals
  • Automated syndromal conclusion

Physician’s workspace software has the following toolset:

  • software tool “Lens” for “manual” measurement of time and amplitude parameters of the cardiocomplexes;
  • interactive means of viewing and editing of the conclusions, including a customizable dictionary;
  • ability to dynamically compare changes in electrocardiograms;
  • recording of ECG and the results of ECG processing.

“Physician’s workspace” software – is one of the most convenient and user-friendly programs to work with the ECG. It is easy to learn and has a training mode. Interactive tools (such as reviewing and measurement of the ECG elements on the screen, using a dictionary when adjusting the conclusions, comparison of the ECG dynamics, etc.) greatly facilitate processing of ECG

Automatic measurement of clinical signs of the ECG and generation of automated syndromic conclusions make physician’s work faster and more convenient. ECG archives are stored on an Internet server, which allows physician to work with them anytime, anywhere. You will only need a computer with Internet access. This allows granting test results access to all doctors of a medical organization and its affiliate branches.

Remote consultations with specialists from another medical center can then be easily organized even when they are located in different city. It is also possible to create a diagnostic network for remote consultations. For example, it will be easy to connect all regional hospitals with a major regional medical center or paramedic centers with a regional hospital.

KFS-01.001 “Cardiometer-MT” complex allows to reduce the average time of analysis of electric potentials of heart using ECG at rest by 30-50% due to:

  • high-quality, reliable ECG registration;
  • automatic recognition of improperly or poorly applied electrodes;
  • high probability of correct recognition of the PQRST complex elements;
  • high accuracy of amplitude and time parameters of the PQRST complexes measurement;
  • high reliability of ECG interpretation;
  • sufficiently detailed language of automatically generated diagnostic conclusions;
  • ability to make corrections to automated conclusions in the computer;
  • fast performance for all the operations.

“Physician’s workspace” software for smartphones and tablets running on Android

“Physician’s workspace” software for smartphones and tablets running on Android is convenient to use for ECG registration in hospital wards and while visiting a patient at home.

  • ECG registration;
  • ECG data storage under personal user profile on the Cardioserver;
  • Interpretation of an ECG;
  • Generation of a preliminary conclusion;
  • Visualization of an ECG in 12 standard leads;
  • Browsing of automated syndromic interpretation;
  • Offline mode. ECG registration and storage in the phone memory when it is not possible to transfer an ECG to Cardioserver (no Internet connection, no cell phone service);
  • Ability to print ECG using a mobile thermoprinter.