Programs and manuals 1.0

8 August 2016 «MICARD-LANA» JSC commissioned software 3.0. All new users representing medical institutions are required to use the software and manual available at page «Software».

«MICARD-LANA» JSC continues to support the Cloud Cardioserver 1.0 and software 1.0 for users that started operation before 8 August 2016. Users previously connected to Cloud Cardioserver 1.0, should continue to use the appropriate program and manual from this page.

Medical institutions wishing to move to software 3.0, should contact «MICARD-LANA» JSC.

Cardiometer-MT presentation

PDF Presentation (2016)
Russian language
PDF Presentation (2014)
Russian language

Software and documentation

For the Patient

ECG Self-check for Android

For Physicians

Russian language
Russian language

Physician’s workspace for Android

Auxiliary Local Server

Auxiliary local server
Russian language

Other Manuals